Our business is broadly classified into two types. One is the outdoor inventory ownership and the other is OOH solutions.

In outdoor inventory we have a team that consist of Sales, Operations and Monitoring. We don’t just sell the space but do monitoring on a regular basis like the flex status, Illumination status and timely photographs like the start date and end date with proper proof.

Our USP in outdoor inventory
We are one of the leading outdoor advertising companies  in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata in terms of our own inventory. We do have outdoor space that helps in making a brand reach wide and impact high. So we do have space in all these cities spread wide across the cities and high impact places also.

Our USP in OOH solutions
In the OOH solutions business we have a media buying & planning team and Business development team. The media buying team ensures that we buy media at the best possible rates and advices the business development team on traffic pattern and the TG that flows in the particular direction and timing. Our business development team understands the clients requirement and gives innovative ideas for the brands in terms of reach, impact and creative if required.

We do have a in house creative team. If required we help in enhancing the creative to give more visibility as we are specialized in outdoor business than the regular branding consultants.

We have tied up with more than 600 vendors nationally that gives us the strength to service clients of any nature weather urban or rural, big or small ,