Billboard Advertising
Billboard Advertising is a traditional Out-Of-Home advertising format, but there has been significant growth in digital Out-Of-Home advertising in recent years; Roadside billboards remain the predominant form of outdoor advertising across india

Street Furniture Advertising
Formats such as Bus Shelters, Bus Panels, Mall Kiosks, Lamp Post Kiosk
etc. comes under this segment. This form of outdoor advertising is mainly
seen in urban centers

Transit advertising
Advertisements done on any movable vehicles like buses, trucks, caravans,
taxis, etc. Transit Advertising also includes fixed static and electronic advertising at railway stations, bus stations, platforms, Airport advertising
etc. It mainly targets all businesses addresses while traveling. Municipalities often accept this form of advertising, as it provides revenue to city and port authorities.

Alternative advertising
Advertising in stadiums, petrol bunks, bike racks, rest areas, and other non-traditional formats comes under this segment. Alternative advertising provides a way to address consumers in places they may not expect.